Top five things to do with leftover wallpaper

Posted on: November 25th, 2011 by Lindsy Ellis in Tips and Tricks .
  1. Cover a cork notice board ideal for pinning the kids school letters to
  2. Line a drawer – old fashioned I know but perfect for lifting out next time you need
    to clear the drawer out and filled with odds and ends to be disposed of neatly.
  3. Decorate the play house, the big one in the garden if you have enough,  or the model version if not.
  4. Get the kids to cover their school books with it; I know another fairly old
    fashioned idea but a good way to get their books to last a bit longer.
  5. Cover an empty shoe box to store bits and bobs in – my daughter keeps all her knick
    knacks in a shoe box she covered and decorated herself.

If you have any more ideas would love to hear them – what weird and wonderful ways have you recycled leftover wallpaper?

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  1. “ I use wallpaper to make Christmas decorations out of, choose some patterned wallpaper glue to a peice of card then using some Christmas biscuit cutters as templates cut out your angels, Christmas trees or stockings attach a peice of ribbon and hang around the house or on the tree. ”
  2. “ LEFT OVER WALL PAPER .try putting it in a picture frame great if its kids wallpaper with bears or rabbits or things like that, thanks for the FB post Robert and thanks for checking out my blog. ”

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