My New Years Resolution

Posted on: January 17th, 2012 by Lindsy Ellis in ideas .

Are you like me pleased to see in a New Year but now faced with all those jobs you have been putting off until after Christmas.

Well I think it is time to share my ideas for how to start the New Year as you mean to go on:

  1. Make a List sounds obvious I know but once you get it all down on a piece of paper it gives you the opportunity to do the next bit.
  2. Prioritise take a moment to read through the list, (is it as long as mine?) now the priority is up to you whether it is based on urgency (leaky roof or worse still toilet) or whether it is like me
    based on which job you can commit yourself to first maybe it is a bit of both.
  3. Next take the job and if it is a big one like de-clutter the house, break it down into elements for example take a room at a time or even just a cupboard at a time.
  4. Give yourself realistic targets and make sure you mark off all your achievements as you work through the list crossing items off, it gives you a well deserved sense of job satisfaction.
  5. Important revise the list from time to time priorities and your money situation changes (well I am ever hopeful of winning the lottery) if not maybe a small bonus will mean you can employ some
    professional help.

At the top of my list is finish decorating my bedroom (see the before and after photos) I am stuck personalised wallpaper is a must but I need to choose an image or carry on with the design.  The problem is I changed my mind (I am a woman what can I say) so I am hoping for some inspiration would love to hear from you see what you think.

Bedroom in desperate need of decorating

The before photo of my bedroom in desperate need of decorating


Built in wardrobe in desperate need of updating

Before photo of my built in wardrobe now in desperate need of replacing


Bedroom wall painted but not finished yet

Painting done but still need to add finishing touches


New Wardrobe doors

The after photo with my new wardrobe doors


Work in progress need to wallpaper the feature wall in my bedroom

Work in progress now all it needs is personalised wallpaper for the feature wall.


Personalised wallpaper designed by Lindsy Ellis

This is the first draft taken from a sketch I made and using the colours I chose.

Not sure this is quite there and now I am wondering if I would prefer a photo let me know what you think?

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