Will my print look exactly like the one I see on my screen?

What you see on your computer screen at home will normally differ from a print because the
monitor uses three colours red, green, blue (RGB) whereas the printing process uses cyan, magenta,
yellow and black (CMYK). We have quality procedures in place so that the colours remain as true as
possible and we can provide a printed proof on 1 metre of wallpaper stock for a small fee.


What image can I use?

  • Images from a digital camera which need to be 4 megapixels or higher, make sure you have
    set your digital camera to the highest quality setting.
  • A scanned picture or artwork in jpg format which needs to be 300dpi or higher, this can be
    done for you at home or at high street print shop where you could expect higher quality.
  • A royalty free image purchased from one of the many online image libraries

Does the size and quality of my image matter?

In a word yes without getting too technical if there is not enough information saved in terms of
pixels when the image is enlarged it will be grainy, just make sure your digital camera is set at the
highest quality setting.

I have a picture that I would like to alter for example change the contrast, but don’t own
photo editing software?

No problem there are websites you can visit to do this for free, we like

Do I need to hold the copyright of the image?

We can produce digital wall coverings from images which you have taken but images sourced from
image libraries must state that they are Royalty Free.

Will you resize my image?

We will do everything possible to avoid resizing the image but unfortunately this is not guaranteed.
If we need to resize the image we will notify you and provide a PDF proof before going ahead.

Can I see a proof printed on wallpaper before printing?

We can supply a proof printed on 1 metre of wallpaper stock for a small fee.

What is the best way to supply my image to you?

Upload your artwork using use the email address and include your name and reference number in the message section.

PDF Creator – PDF4Free v2.0

Alternatively you can save it to a CD or DVD and send it to:

Wicked Wallpaper, 56 WilburyWay, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4 0TP.


Can you print onto different wallpaper stock?

We have investigated using self adhesive, pre-pasted papers and 1 metre wide strips.
We found self adhesive not only difficult to hang but if repositioned to many times the sticky quality
deteriorates and can be subject to creasing when hanging.

With pre-pasted paper because it requires soaking prior to hanging it means that it can become
warped and stretched. The edges would require over lapping which allows for shrinkage when it
dries. It is also less forgiving once the paper is wet it needs to be hung within a specific time scale
and cannot be re pasted if allowed to dry.

With the 1 metre wide strips the size of the wallpaper was extremely difficult to work with for one
person. Ideally this is a two person job.

In all these cases you would possibly have to employ a professional to hang your wallpaper. We
approached professionals and asked them all which wall paper they prefer to work with and ALL of
them would prefer to use conventional wallpaper.


What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay by credit card online through Paypal, please note you do not need to have a Paypal
account to do this but it will inccur a small fee.

Or you can arrange a direct bank transfer.

If you wish to pay by cheque please be advised there will be a handling charge.

Can I pay on completion or must I pay in advance?

We request full payment in advance; however this does not affect your statutory rights.

Do you offer trade discounts to professional photographers/ interior designers and
architects for example?

Trade discounts are available and we offer other benefits to becoming a trade partner for more information please call us on 01462 421249 or E:

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