The conventional wallpaper stock is 150gsm, certified flame retardant, guaranteed recyclable and
manufactured using FSC approved pulp.

We are one of the only printers who use conventional wallpaper stock quite simply because it is
easier for you to use making it ideal for home projects as well as work and commercial

We print in full colour with eco friendly ink using vegetable based ingredients which contain no
solvents so no chemical smell and are also guaranteed recyclable.

Hanging Instructions

  1. Inspection
    Inspect every roll to ensure that all rolls are in good condition, with no variations in shade
    (highly unusual with digital printing) and that no other faults are present. The company
    cannot accept liability for defects which are apparent at the time of hanging, nor can the
    company be held responsible for any consequential loss. After hanging 2 or 3 lengths we
    strongly recommend that you carefully inspect the results. No claim for hanging costs will
    be accepted.
  2. Preparation
    Walls should be clean, firm, dry and smooth.
    Roughen painted surface with glass/sandpaper.
    Remove any old wallpaper.
    Scrape powdery or flaky areas and paint with a suitability prepared size, allowing the wall to
    dry completely.
    Cross line the walls using a good quality lining paper.
  3. Pasting
    Use a good quality, fungicide protected, medium ready-mixed paste.
    Do not use solvent based paste.
    Apply a coat of paste to the wall to ensure an even coverage.
    Care should be taken not to crease the paper when folding.
  4. Hanging
    First butt the joints and use a clean, soft decorator’s brush to smooth down the paper
    working from centre edges to remove bubbles.
    Avoid squeezing paste out of joins.
    Any paste on the surface should be wiped off while it is still moist, using a clean damp
    sponge. Do not rub edges.
    Dried paste can damage the surface of the wallpaper.
    Ensure wallpaper is firmly stuck down, as, in the event of fire, loose wallpaper could
    contribute to the hazard. For the same reason it is recommended that this wallpaper should
    not be applied over expanded polystyrene or wood veneers.

Not confident about hanging your personalised wallpaper?

We can arrange for a professional to hang your wallpaper and we will guarantee that you will be
happy with the results, with the help of our qualified decorator you can rest assured that your
wallpaper will be hung to perfection with very little mess or disruption. If you would like to find out
more about this service please contact us.

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